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What does being a research assistant entail?

In the ASPIRe lab, research assistants typically:

  • undergo training in research ethics and the standardized administration of study protocols (scripts)

  • help run experiments and keep accurate records, committing 8-10 hours per week in the lab

  • attend bi-monthly ASPIRe lab meetings with Dr. Ashburn-Nardo and her graduate students and lab manager for training and other lab business

  • attend joint lab meetings with Dr. Eva Pietri's PSIA lab to focus on students' professional development and exposure to research being conducted by graduate students and professors at IUPUI

  • have fun and make new friends!


Working in a lab as a research assistant allows you to gain some great experience and serious credentials that will help you in your future career path. As a research assistant in the ASPIRe lab, you will gain hands-on research experience, collaborate with a professor who is an expert in her field, and get to know other professors and graduate students at IUPUI through the joint lab meetings.


The best RAs are conscientious, reliable, punctual, professional, ethical, dedicated, and driven by scientific curiosity. Doing diversity science is demanding and often emotionally draining but always rewarding work.

Testimony from a lab alum:


"I joined Dr. Ashburn-Nardo's lab after taking her Social Psychology course when I was a Sophomore and I have been a researcher ever since. After obtaining my MS in Experimental Psychology, I accepted a position as research coordinator for the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA.  


Unfortunately, there are a number of racial and ethnic health disparities in  Alzheimer's Disease, but to my benefit, the skills and knowledge I gained from my  time with Dr. Ashburn-Nardo have proved to be indispensable in my day-today work." - Steve Smith

What is the best way to get in touch with Dr. Ashburn-Nardo?

Dr. Ashburn-Nardo would love to talk to anyone interested in getting involved with her lab -- whether a current undergrad at IUPUI or a prospective graduate student. All questions are welcome! Given that she has multiple responsibilities in her position at IUPUI, she is not always in her office. In fact, the best way to reach her is likely through her email (listed below).**


Office Location: LD 100A

Work Phone: 317-274-6766

Her Email:

Lab Email:


Getting Involved
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