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Graduate Students


Graduate Student Mentee

I am a second year in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program. Broadly speaking, my research interests converge around the topics of intra-personal and interpersonal relationships. In one line of work, I am looking at how Black targets who engage in resume whitening are being perceived by ingroup members (other Black individuals). In a second line of research, I examine various strategies employed by members of stigmatized groups (particularly Blacks and Asians/Asian Americans) to deflect discrimination. A majority of my research projects utilize frameworks that are coming from a social psychological perspective, primarily the Black Sheep Effect and Identity Denial. The ultimate goal of my program of research is to promote more diverse and inclusive environments – especially in an organizational setting – for everyone, regardless of their social identities. Outside of academia, I enjoy shopping, cooking, and playing with my cats, Hildie and Fafner. 


Lab Manager and

Graduate Student Mentee

I am currently working on my PhD in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology (ASOP). I completed my BA in Psychology at Oakland University and my MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Xavier University. My thesis is titled The Relationship between Organizational Democracy and Job Satisfaction​. I am a research assistant for and mentee of Dr. Leslie-Ashburn Nardo. The most recent project Dr. Ashburn-Nardo and I have been engaged with examines the stigmatized identities that are attached to childless women. My areas of research interest are broadly associated with issues related to diversity and inclusion topics, bias and discrimination, and social justice. 


Graduate Student Collaborator

I am a second year in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master's program at IUPUI. I am completing my Master's thesis project with Dr. Jane Williams on the relationship between supervisor' implicit person theory and performance appraisal interview effectiveness. I am currently a graduate research assistant and lab manager for Dr. Pietri, and a former research assistant/lab manager for Dr. Ashburn-Nardo. However, I also collaborate with both of them on a project using the stereotype content model and a reverse correlation image classification task to examine the mental imagery, perceptions, and promotability of voluntarily childfree women. My general research interests include performance management, workplace stereotypes and intergroup relations, and recruiting diverse groups into STEM. As of now, I plan to continue on to get my Ph.D. in I-O psychology after graduation. 


Graduate Student Mentee

I am a second-year master's student in the Industrial-Organizational psychology program. I am completing my thesis with Dr. Ashburn-Nardo, but I collaborate with her on other projects as well. I am currently working with her on studies examining the dehumanization of voluntary child-free people and meta-perceptions based off of social media. My general research interests include national origin bias, discrimination against immigrants in the workplace, and discrimination and incivility in the tourism industry between native and expat workers. When I'm not conducting research, I enjoy drinking tea, reading books, and FaceTiming my dog.


Graduate Student Mentee 

I am a first-year Kabat Fellow in the I/O M.S. program. I am originally from  Cleveland, Ohio and received my B.S. in Psychology from Xavier University. I am completing my Master's thesis with Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo. My research interests include racial bias and stereotypes in performance evaluation. I’m looking forward to working on research with Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo and Dr. Eva Pietri and exploring Indianapolis! During my free time I like to listen to Spoken Word and try new restaurants with friends.


Graduate Student Collaborator

 I am a first year student in the I/O Master's program. I did my undergrad at   Florida State University, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Biological Sciences. I am completing my Master's Thesis with Dr. Ashburn-Nardo. My research interests broadly include diversity, workplace discrimination, and prejudice confrontation. During my free time, I enjoy cooking, movies, video games, Orangetheory fitness, and trying something new every week. Fun fact about me is that I actually speak three languages: Spanish, English, and Italian. 


Graduate Student Collaborator

I am a first year student in the Industrial-Organizational Masters of Science program and will be working on my thesis with Dr. Pietri (thesis topic TBD). My broad research interests include diversity in the corporate environment, gender bias, and judgments/perceptions of feminism. ​

In my free time, I like to read past and present Supreme Court decisions and enjoy listening to true crime podcasts​.


Graduate Student Collaborator

I graduated from the University of Dayton with a B.S. in psychology in May 2018, where I worked primarily in cognitive psychology research under the direction of Dr. Susan Davis. I have returned to my home city of Indianapolis, and am a first year in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology M.S. program. I will be working with Dr. Jane Williams on my thesis project pertaining to performance management. Additionally, I am also broadly interested in research areas examining bias and discrimination, diversity training, feedback, and leadership in organizations. Outside the classroom I enjoy listening to podcasts (i.e. Hidden Brain, Ted Radio Hour, WorkLife with Adam Grant), trying out local coffeeshops and restaurants, and maintaining an outdoors-oriented, active lifestyle. I am very excited for what the next two years and more have to bring!

Research Assistants


I graduated with an BA of Psychology from IUPUI in December 2015. After a gap semester, I enrolled in the Clinical Kinesiology Program in the School of Health and Human Sciences here at IUPUI. Despite an insatiable desire to know more about the physical health sciences, I am grounded and invested in the Psychology department. I work with Dr. Rand studying Hope and Dr. Ashburn-Nardo studying bias in the STEM fields. I also assistant teach B110 and Psychology of Women. My current area of research is how measures of hope and optimism can optimize weight control interventions. My future goal is to pursue a Ph.D. that blends my intrigue for physical and psychological well-being. 



I am a junior psychology major, and my research interests include issues in substance abuse particularly in the jail and prison systems. I also have strong interests in under treated marginalized or highly stigmatized populations such as homeless individuals with mental illness. After obtaining my BS in Psychology, I plan to either attend graduate school or medical school.  My goal is to work with adolescents and young adults with mental illness and comorbid substance abuse disorders. When I am not on campus I enjoy spending time with family and friends, attending Colts and Pacers games, and finding new things to do around the great city of Indianapolis. 


I am currently a Junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Resource Management. After completing my undergraduate work at IUPUI, I plan to attend a graduate program to obtain a Master's and/or PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I am particularly interested in the hiring process of companies and finding solutions to reduce discrimination and biases in the workplace. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, staying active, and keeping up with my favorite sports teams. 



I am a psychology student here at IUPUI. I am currently enrolled as a junior with plans to apply to graduate school for clinical or counseling psychology. My professional goal is to one day have my own practice and lecture at a university on the side. In my free time, I enjoy reading and watching the x-files. I never want to stop learning and I hope to teach others to do the same. 


I'm going to be a junior studying psychology and africana studies. My broad research interests are: critical race theory, human sexuality, dream psychology, and clinical psychology. I plan to attend graduate school upon graduation. As someone with a plethora of interests (see: multipotentialite), I am open to the path(s) my acquired knowledge may lead me! I enjoy attending art galleries, watching films, reading, photography, and exploring the world in general.

I am currently a junior here at IUPUI, double majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I am on the Pre-Medicine track, aspiring to one day become a doctor. Although I enjoy learning about all branches of psychology, I am most interested in health psychology and cognitive psychology. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and friends, dance, and sleep. 


Science Building, LD 124, 402 N Blackford St., Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA