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Graduate Student Mentee

I am a PhD candidate (fourth year student) in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology program. In general, my research interests center on diversity-related themes. In one line of work, I use the black sheep effect as a framework to investigate the negative impact of engaging in resume whitening in the Black community. In my second line of research, I am interested in the notion of prototypicality. This research asks the question of what is the prototype of the Asian group and why do people readily associate East Asians (vs. South Asians) as the prototype of this group. Lastly, in a newer line of research, I explore the intricacies of manhood and masculinity in relation to egalitarianism, traditionalism, and attitudinal ambivalence. Most of my work is informed by the literature from psychology, political science, and sociology. Outside of academia, I enjoy working out, meeting new people, and reading for fun. 

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Graduate Student Mentee

I am currently working on my PhD in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology (ASOP). I completed my BA in Psychology at Oakland University and my MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Xavier University. My thesis is titled The Relationship between Organizational Democracy and Job Satisfaction​. I am a research assistant for and mentee of Dr. Leslie-Ashburn Nardo. The most recent project Dr. Ashburn-Nardo and I have been engaged with examines the stigmatized identities that are attached to childless women. My areas of research interest are broadly associated with issues related to diversity and inclusion topics, bias and discrimination, and social justice.




Graduate Student Mentee

I am a second year in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology PhD program, and I work primarily with Dr. Ashburn-Nardo. I completed my BA in psychology at Macalester College and my MA in Industrial/Organizational psychology at University of Missouri – St. Louis. My current work explores the expectations that women in academia and the workplace to engage in service above and beyond their male colleagues, specifically when it comes to mentoring women and people of color. My research interests broadly include fostering diversity and inclusion at work, intra-gender dynamics at work, and most recently, occupational health. Outside of school, I love playing with my cat and dogs, baking, kayaking at the lake, and binge watching TV shows.

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Graduate Student Mentee

I am a second-year student in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology PhD program, working under the mentorship of Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo. I previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience, and a master’s degree in psychology. My current research explores attitudes that lesbian and gay people hold toward bisexual people, with the aim of developing interventions to reduce binegativity. My research interests broadly include promoting diversity and inclusion, and improving inter- and intra-group relations in various contexts, including within organizations. I enjoy knitting, swing dancing, and learning to play guitar in my spare time.



Graduate Student Mentee 

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Graduate Student Collaborator / Future Mentee

I am a second-year student in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology PhD program. My interest in workplace gender issues was inspired by my time in undergrad, which I completed at an all-women's college. I also have a master's in IO psychology from Missouri S&T where I completed a thesis on the effects of witnessing benevolent sexism on women's cognitive performance. My research interests revolve broadly around diversity in political representation, and I have a number of projects investigating the impact of candidate race and gender on perceptions of electability and voter behavior. I am currently the manager for Dr. Eva Pietri's PSIA lab and am working on projects addressing intersectionality in STEM and politics, including developing and testing interventions to decrease bias and increase diversity in these fields. I am excited to be transitioning this year to work in the ASPIRe lab with Dr. Asburn-Nardo as my primary advisor. 

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Research Assistants


I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Writing and Literacy. My research interests include child and adolescent psychology, counseling psychology, and workplace discrimination. I have a passion for improving our education system for future generations. After I complete my undergraduate degree at IUPUI, I plan to attend a graduate program to get my Masters in Social Work. My professional goal is to combine my degree and passion to strengthen my community by helping students to maximize the cards dealt to them by life to be successful. In my free time, I can be found reading a book, sleeping, hanging out with family, or doing Zumba.



I'm going to be a junior studying psychology and africana studies. My broad research interests are: critical race theory, human sexuality, dream psychology, and clinical psychology. I plan to attend graduate school upon graduation. As someone with a plethora of interests (see: multipotentialite), I am open to the path(s) my acquired knowledge may lead me! I enjoy attending art galleries, watching films, reading, photography, and exploring the world in general.



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